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Who we are...

Forest Music Academy was founded by two aspiring musicians who believe that everyone has the ability to discover their musical talents. Music is our life and passion, and we have gathered our talented teachers of different instruments to pass on the beauty and magic of music to our students. We have a mission to deliver enjoyable and exciting music instruction whilst making sure that our students develop a strong musical foundation. 

Whether it is classical, jazz, or pop, our teachers are highly trained at their instruments. We believe that all children are gifted, and our teachers are dedicated to tailor lessons and guide your children's paths to ensure the development of their musical gift in an entertaining and supportive atmosphere, without being severely stern.

If you are looking to discover your talents - or perhaps you have discovered your talents and you are planning to develop it, feel free to send us an email or give us a call since we would love to help you to be the best musicians you can be.