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Hello World!

This is Forest Music Academy's first ever post! 

We are a brand new and up-coming music school located in Melbourne Vic and Darwin NT,  this whole journey began with a couple of students entering their final year of their bachelor of music degrees at the University of Melbourne. Wanting to share the wonders of music which has been apart of our lives since some us were 2 years old... we created Forest Music Academy. Although most of us are quite young only a couple of short months away from graduating, we are not inexperienced. All of us here have been studying our craft for up to 19 years, studying under renowned world known concert pianists, competing and winning various international competitions, travelling to different cities and countries to hone our crafts, and always striving to better not only our students but ourselves as well. 

With currently one guitar teacher in the NT who teaches from his home studio and 4 pianists teaching in home lessons in Melbourne, with another 2 pianists, a drummer, a couple of violinists and a flutist who are extremely interested in becoming teachers with us and who are close friends, along with other instrument teachers who are interested and always love taking on new students.... I suppose this is one of the perks of being at the end of my bachelors and having met and made connections with all of these wonderful talented musicians. We can always find a teacher to meet your/your child's needs, simply get in contact with us, send us an email/call/submit one of the forms on our website and tell us which instrument you're interested in learning and we'll handle the rest.

So get in touch now! 


stefan christie