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Information about enrollment at forest music academy 

Our Commitment To High Quality Education

Forest Music Academy prides itself on delivering the highest quality music education to its students. Providing our teachers with support, training and helpful teaching materials for classes, ensures that our students receive an in-depth program covering all aspects of musical education.  If for any reason you are unsatisfied with the quality or delivery of the lessons. Please put your feedback in writing to us, and we will address your comments with our teachers, we are very interested to hear from you.

The following polices have been fashioned for the benefit of both our students & our teachers. They act to support students in upholding a committed musical education, along with help us to draw in new highly trained and experienced teaching staff by providing a safe and stable workplace.   


Lesson times  

Here at Forest Music we follow the school calendar, and an invoice is sent at the start of each month for that months worth of lessons, going from the start to the end of each school Term. The lessons are available for 30, 45 or 60 minutes intervals, these affect price and can be chosen at your discretion. Fore more information please check our rates page 

Students can join at anytime during the year and will only be charged for remaining lessons in that month.   

Holiday Schedules

We are following the Victorian School Calendar, therefore we will not be giving out lessons during school holidays and public holidays.

If a lesson falls on a public holiday, a make up lesson will be given during the term in accordance with the student(s) teacher. 


Materials: The teacher will suggest music books and resources which can be purchased through the school, or at your local music store. Please bring a notebook to all lessons for the teacher to record lesson notes and homework. If coming to a teachers studio, please arrive for your lesson in a timely manner, students arriving late will not have their lesson time extended, as this backs up the entire schedule. If a student is more than fifteen minutes late the teacher will be dismissed and no replacement lesson will be available.

No Shows

24 hour cancellation notice must be given to the teacher in order to secure a make up lesson or secure a refund (if lesson has already been payed and a make up lessons is not required). Make up lessons will be offered up to three times during the term (depending on teachers availability). Failure of giving a 24 hour cancellation notice will result in the lesson being forfeited, as the teacher has spared time for the lesson and must be payed regardless. In cases of sudden illness, exceptions may be made at the discretion of the teacher if notice was given by SMS or email before 9AM of the day.


Withdrawal forms - Which can be given upon request and must be filled out and emailed/sent to your teacher 30 days prior to ending lessons. Failure to do this will result in a $60 cancellation fee. After the withdrawal form has been filled out and returned, any payed lessons that haven't occurred will be refunded. This is only if suddenly withdrawing part-way through the term. 

Withdrawals can also be achieved through completeing this hyperlink here

Awareness of Dates and Events 

In terms of dates and events we will take every possible action to inform all students of any and all upcoming activities, either through the teachers, on this website, and by email. However, it is up to the parents and 18+students to be aware of these activities, including: recitals and lesson dates/times. Therefore it is your responsibility to provide us with up to date and valid contact details, and inform the school of any address or telephone number changes.    


Payments are made at the start of each month by direct debit, or electronic/telephone transfer with an Australian bank account or credit card. Lessons can also be payed in advance, only after contacting the school first.  

Students can join at any point throughout the school year and will only be charged for the remaining lessons.    

Registration/admission Fee

There is a once off $33 registration/admission fee, that must be payed to secure a students placement within the academy. However throughout the year we often have Free Periods where we wave this fee for new students. This fee in non refundable and will be attached to the first invoice, which is payed after the first lesson.

This Registration Fee must also be payed at the start of the new year, for recurring students that have not been enrolled for at least 1 year. This is to secure the students slot for the coming year.      

Terms And Conditions

For a more insight into all of Forest Music Academy's policies, please check out our terms and conditions page.