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Our teachers offer studio lessons and home based lessons (see details on our teachers page). We specialise in classical piano and are experienced in preparing students for AMEB or ABRSM exams, all levels welcome. 

We also prepare students for eisteddfods and an annual student concert, both great opportunities for students to showcase their talents and an excellent occasion for 'performance practice', where they can learn how to control their nerves. 


Payments are made after the first lesson of each month for that months' worth of lessons, prices vary according to the length of the lessons. Below shows an estimate of how much is paid if all lessons are attended to per term (10 weeks) and per semester (20 weeks) Students can begin lessons at anytime during the calendar year and will only be invoiced for the remaining amount of lessons. Withdrawals are permitted (rules and regulations apply, see our policies page). 

We offer 30 minutes = ($35), 45 minutes = ($55) and 1 hour = ($70) lessons for the more advanced. Our rates are:

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  • Per term (10 classes)                                                                                         
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30 mins - $35 x 10 = $350

45 mins - $55 x 10 = $550

1 hour - $70 x 10 = $700 

  • Per semester (20 classes)

30 mins - $35 x 20 = $700

45 mins - $55 x 20 = $1,100

1 hour - $70 x 20 = $1,400

The Prices listed above show an estimate of how much it will cost for 10 and 20(weeks) if enrolled from start to finish. Students can also join at any point during the calendar year and will only be invoiced any remaining lessons. Of course the first lesson is always free and it is our FREE TRIAL to give you a feel for how lessons will be, we often have deals throughout the year for example if you refer a new student then you can get 1 free lesson and if you refer 2 in the same month then that month is free, be sure to keep up to date by asking your teacher what is available.


Some of our teachers also accompany for exams and our rates are the same as our lessons; $35 for 30 min practice sessions for however many are needed and then $35 for the actual examination itself. To get in contact about an accompanist send us an enquirery by completing the contact us form above, or sending us an email at: